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Guarding Personnel: Selection of personnel meeting customer QR, training at our state of the art training facility, on the job training in the establishments and a close order monitor and control on a regular basis, Interaction with customer for performance appraisal is how we conduct guarding.

Security Audit: A regular Audit of Security Functions and its systems are conducted professionally.

System Design: We take inputs from customers and do the rest. Raising efficiency levels and reporting systems through our system design, is our differential.

Specialised Training: A faculty each, for every specialisation in Industrial, Corporate and Personal security and safety.

Industrial Relations Environment Survey and Forecast: TOPS share it’s expertise on the state of IR in the territory where our prospective customers plan to set up industry.

Fire Fighting: Qualified Trainers from the Defence Forces train all our personnel in Fire Fighting techniques through a number of drills and lectures as a part of the regular training program.

Safety and First Aid: We are ready proactively for any emergencies. The training syllabus consists of EVACUATION DRILL, FIRST AID and SAFETY too.

Industrial Security: Team TOPS work on the theme of partnering with our principals guarantying a Return On Investment. System design and effective management provides monitored over software forms the backbone.

Event Security: Events of any magnitude & sensitivity, we have the experience, capability & a proven track record. Crowd control, Bullion management Inventory Control, we have successfully done it over multiple times.

Labour Unrest Management: Team TOPS expertise in designing solutions to labour unrest for the past years is backed by experience of successfully handling over multiple unrest conditions

Personal Security: Armed/Unarmed bodyguards or a Mobile Escorting Security, TOPS have the manpower & the know-how involving latest techniques.

Security Software Development: A step ahead of all is what our software division TOPS INFOTECH is all about. TOPS offer IT solutions for inventory control & material regulation. TOPS proactively can detect connivance possibilities & a high order access control

Detective Services: In all under -cover with a Rare Breed of professionals, shadowing, antecedents, infidelity, piracy or even the sting ops we have the experience and the capability

Copyright Protection & Antipiracy: Be it the Film, Music, Software industries or for that matter any other product, TOPS is renowned for its expertise in protection of patents and copyrights and its effective systems in exposing syndicates involved in piracy, espionage and infringements.

Electronic Surveillance: High technology sophisticated electronic equipment and systems keep a watchful eye in many banks, offices residential colonies and commercial establishments. TOPS undertakes comprehensive turnkey jobs from electronic systems design to installation and maintenance.

Cash Escort Services: With a complete infrastructure of cash vans, pilot and trailer vehicles co-ordinated by wireless communication control and supported by trained and experienced personnel, TOPS offers complete solutions for ensuring security of cash and valuables in transit.

Access Control: A high order access control will minimize security and safety risks. By involvement of Electronics and Systems Design for sensitive events this is achieved.

Vigilance: redictive Intelligence can be best activated through vigilance. Generates a proactive culture and enhances security and safety

Traffic Control Management: Smartly turned out guards specially trained in traffic control duties provide a free flow of vehicles and protect the parked vehicles.

Intelligence Networking- Sensitive areas are marked and intelligent personnel posted to create a networking, facilitating planning of apt strategies.

Security Design under unrest conditions- Re-enforcement at key positions for a physiological deterrent and strict implementation of rules and regulations enhances security and safety.

Inventory Control- Custom design and an articulate inventory control system is effectively implemented.

Police & Civic office Liaison – TOPS have special team for liaisoning with Police and civic authorities/officials panel which gets activated proactively to curb unscrupulous activity derogatory to protect the interest s of all concerns.

Salient Features

TOPS is a Risk Management & Loss Prevention Company with decades of service to its credit.

Important Acts governing security services in Maharashtra & other States:
(1) Maharashtra Private Security Guards (Regulation of Employment & Welfare) Act, 1981 [MPSG (RE&W) Act, 1981]. Only for Maharashtra State.

(2) Private Security Agency Regulation Act, 2005 [PSARA] All India. MPSG (RE&W) Act, 1981: This is governed and falls under the Labour Ministry of the State Government. Section 23 of this Act allows exemption to the Security Guards ONLY. The agreement with prospective client, the principal employer, consent letter along with affidavit from the security company and all the applications of security guards in the prescribed form, working at the client’s end will be submitted to the State Government. This includes police verification, domicile and the antecedent records of the individual guards.

The Advisory Committee peruses the application individually and clears the case for grant of exemption to the security guards. The committee meets once in a quarter as per the records of the past one year.

Once the exemption is granted, the principal employer, the security company and the exempted security guards for the specific unit are registered under Clause 13(2) and 14 of the Scheme with the Security Guard Board.

The above exercise is judiciously conducted by us to avoid implications of non- compliance such as show cause notices followed by prosecution notices by the State Governments and its statutory bodies, viz Security Guard Board in case the Exemptions are delayed for whatever reason.

PSAR Act, 2005:
This falls under the Home Ministry and is governed by the Central Government as well as the State Government. This Act is mainly to govern the security agencies through various rules and regulations which need to be strictly adhered to. Under this Act, a Licence has to be obtained by all such individuals heading security companies who are eligible and conform to the rules and regulations laid down in this Act.

A great deal of emphasis is laid down on training to security guards at Mumbai, and other regions, Pan-India, where ever it has offices. Our training facilities have been well acclaimed by the Director, Home guards, who are the appointed authority under the PASAR Act, 2005.

Emphasis is laid on monitor and control of the deployed security personnel at various installations by the security company. (TOPS has state-of-the-art IT augmentation and customised software built in house to handle customer accounts, etc.). Standard Operating Procedures ensure efficient functioning at the end-user facility, stands out to the best as the systems offers close-order monitor and control for the day-to-day activities. The software also offers rotation of personnel strictly in accordance with the end-user requirements which once programmed is strictly adhered to.

TOPS successfully caters to the security needs of large Industrial, Corporate, Institutional and Domestic sectors. A TOPS force is consisting of well-trained and experienced security personnel effectively managing security systems at Corporate, Hospitality, Retail, Educational Institutes, Banking and other vital installations. TOPS has the expertise to understand the customer needs and the capability to deliver. Mustering a large work force of trained and experienced personnel on a short notice is handled and managed with superb expertise.

At TOPS we design and develop scientific security systems and implement them under effective control and monitoring systems through the managerial staff operating in the field.

A security company where all key positions are managed by experienced Ex-Defence personnel. Regular refresher courses, well-planned and elaborate training programs, polishing the much needed facets of industrial security needs, groom all into an excellent workforce and create a culture of its own with a high order of discipline on all fronts.

A company that believes in maintaining high order supervision on the personnel involved at grass root levels. A battery of highly qualified Operational Managers and a custom designed software to back it, enhances the efficiency levels of every individual. Special emphasis is laid on smartness in turnout and attitude of each individual through daily briefings. Qualities of responsiveness and assertiveness are inculcated on a regular basis. A company that uses hi-tech electronic security devices to further enhance security performance of establishments and to monitor security management controls.

TOPS is an all India organisation, Head Quartered at Mumbai and is administrated by Senior Ex-Defence Officers in key positions.

We are registered for ESI, PF and Contract Labour. All employees are covered under the statutory dues such as ESI, PF, Bonus, National Holidays, Annual leave, Gratuity, Uniforms, Seasonal Wear, Liveries etc.

A company owned state of the art Training Facility where emphasis is on Physical Training, Industrial Relations, Employee Relations, Organisational Behaviour, Fire Fighting and Safety, conducted through audio-visuals as well as classroom sessions.

All security personnel in our organisation are smartly uniformed and a daily check on the turn out aspects maintains consistency in smart turn out.

A company with expertise in providing solutions to labour unrest conditions and having immense experience of successfully handling complex strikes, lockouts and Go-Slow conditions. It also has expertise in Hi-tech Electronic Security designing and applications with most modern techniques.

With a complete infrastructure of cash vans, pilot and trailer vehicles co-ordinated by wireless communication networking and control, supported by trained and experienced personnel, TOPS offers complete solutions for ensuring security of cash and valuables in transit.

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