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Tops Protection Security Service Pvt. Ltd.

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The Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd, one of the largest professionally managed an Indian Security and Safety provider that offers customized range of specialized services to their clients.

With more than 10 years of experience and successful existence, it has committed to be a Total Security Solution Provider. The TOPS PROTECTION, most famously known as TOPS PROTECTION SECURITY SERVICE PVT LTD caters its services to varied industries such as Automobiles, Mines & Metals, Cements, Petrochemical, Chemicals, Banks, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institution, Textiles, Theatres, Malls, Manufacturing units, Housing Societies Etc.

Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd was established in 2001 with a vision to provide highly professional and cost effective Security Services to meet and satisfy the needs of clients throughout India. Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd has a PAN INDIA presence, with 4 Regional offices, and Multi state branches, along with a strong workforce of unmatched and well trained security Guards, Security officers & Safety Officers from different walks of life. Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd works across a wide range of geographic markets and business sectors with satisfied customer spread over at multi locations. Many of our clients are associated with TOPS PROTECTION SECURITY SERVICE PVT LTD for years. Our client’s retention rate is 90%.

Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Limited was founded way back in 2001 by Mr. Ravi Shankar Mishra, the Group CEO and Managing Director who has got accreditations certificates specializing in security services from the IISSM, Delhi. His only prime Moto and Vision to join the security Industry is to make every life Protected from global threats and insecurity as being spreading day by day and calling to introduce best method to check, address and arrest such Risk in best and secure systems. The TOPS PROTECTION promises making One and All, Small or Big without of differentiating and compromising on quality best Safe, Secure and Protective services by making best use of Investments done. Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd is A Total Risk Management & Loss Prevention Company with over decade of experience. Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd offer a comprehensive range of Security Management Services and differentiates itself from conventional security agencies in that while they mainly provide security manpower, Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd designs and implements Security Management Systems and that too only after conducting a comprehensive Security Audit and Survey.

Tops Protection Modules

  • Gate Management
  • Armed Guarding
  • Area Petrolling
  • Corporate watch
  • Event Process
  • Combat Training
  • Martial Arts
  • Dog Squad
  • Security Briefing
  • Project Sessions
  • Management Process
  • Customer Process
  • Operational watch
  • Detailing Research
  • Group Discussions

Tops Training Modules

  • Post Guarding
  • Utility Management
  • Soft Skill Drill
  • area Pertolling
  • Area Combing
  • Fire fighting
  • ATM Guarding

Strict adherence to good practices, the ability to anticipate clients' needs and a completely committed and supportive staff has enabled the Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd to achieve best satisfaction in all Security task entrusted by the Esteemed Associates. Tops Protection Security Service Pvt Ltd is licensed under PSARA 2005 – Private Security Agency Regulation act 2005.

Complete computerisation and refined methodology and systems provide the backbone and support for TOPS.'s quality manpower, mostly comprising ex-army JCO's, NCO’s and Jawans. Every individual is rigorously trained at TOPS own Training Centre where apart from physical training and security skills, every individual undergoes orientation in organisation structure, industrial relations and allied subjects and is made to imbibe values of cleanliness, smartly dress and good etiquette. TOPS incorporates sophisticated electronic security equipment and systems in collaboration with leading international manufacturers. This State-Of-The-Art technology integrated with its highly skilled, quality manpower provides the ideal base for a range of security services which is the need of the hour, delivering better performance, productivity and profitability to its clients. TOPS operations are monitored and controlled by its unique "EXPERT" software system, based on a Wide Area Network (WAN) that controls data nationally to and from TOPS various locations. This is a rare achievement in the field of security management. The system closely monitors the day to day movement of OPERATIONAL TEAM ensuring that optimal levels of services and customer satisfaction are achieved for all its clients.

Our Services

Trained watch guards

Armed guards & dog squad

Bank security

Surveillance and Investigation

Electronic Security Solutions

Event security management

Facilities management